The happiest dog in the world!

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The happiest dog

“Woof! Woof!” Hellooo, anyone in there? Anybody wanna play? Feet coming down the stairs, sounds eager to play! Smells friendly too! Ahh there he is, cmon whaddya waiting for! I wag my tail excitedly and let my tongue hang loose with mouth ajar. This is as close to a smile I can muster on my doggy face. And I give him the eyes – just stare straight at him with my big sparkly peepers, welcoming, pleading. Cmon play, lets play! I bounce up and down excitedly as he walks towards the gate.

But he’s hesitant, confused, and looking around as if he’s wondering why I’m here and where my owner is. Humans are not very spontaneous people. Yea sure I sneaked out of my house and showed up unannounced but whoo caareesss! Its playtime!

Ookk he’s putting on some footwear, it’s a sign they are ready to step out of the house. We dogs would never put anything between us and playtime, who’s got time for footwear!  They are just good to chew on! Oh cmon, he chose shoes?! Wimpy guy, probably afraid I might nibble at his toes… Oh maan now I’ve to wait for him to put on socks… Hey butterfly! Oohh where’s it going! Maybe it wants to plaay! Wait for meee!

Maan lost it… Ah! He’s finally here! Ha, sandals! He must have rushed to put them on to catch up with me after I wandered off with the butterfly. I’ll give him the good ol greeting! I run up to him and seeing my approach stops him short. Probably worried about his toes now, but I won’t go near them smelly things, I’ve got a better idea! I charge past him between his legs… Tag you’re it! Wheee its playtime!

Heey its my old friend, the gardener! This guy feeds me and gives me food, I love him! Gardener’s talking to Sandalboy, gate’s slightly ajar, now’s my chance! I rush into the gate but oops, can’t get through the front grille! No problem, I’ll impress them with my little trick! Into the back door, through the kitchen, through the dining room, up the stairs, oops wrong way. Down the stairs, pass the television, ahha here I am! I sit happily down on a rug and watch them watch me enviously. Cuz no one can get across the front grille faster than I can!

Gardener’s approaching, hey you can’t fit through the grills man, why you even trying? Even a dog knows that! Ohhh wooooww. This thing’s a door that swings open! Niiceee! This place rocks! They even have water prepared for me in little pots in the garden with plants growing out of them! Mm I’m thirsty… Eww tastes bad, owner’s gonna have some cleaning up to do after it comes out the other end!

Woa what! They’re trying to grab me! I know what’s gonna happen next, playtime’s over! They’re carrying me home! That won’t do, thankfully I’m fast! Four legs fast, two legs slow! Round the garden I go! Whoopee! I’m running circles around them! Lap one! Lap two! And another! And again! This is fun!

Ahha they gave up! Opening the gate for me and chasing me out. No worries, no house is big enough for me! Freedom is where I belong! Ooh Sandalman is coming along, he still wants to play! Cmon lets go! The park’s beautiful! The world’s a happy place! Wheee! Catch me if you can! I scamper across the park, up the stairs, down the slope, he’s hard on my tail!     Ooh other doggy friends! A Chihuahua! And a sausage dog! Why hello there! What cha up to behind your fence? Free is where you belong! Ooh nice teeth you have, you’ve been chewing happily haven’t you! Aah nice growl too! Been woofing a lot too haven’t you! Mm let me smell you, then we can be friends… Ow! What cha do that for! Oooh you bit my ear! You don’t like me do you!

Maan this stinks, my ear hurts, I shake my head but the pain won’t go away… The world isn’t such a friendly place anymore! Maan now I don’t feel like doing anything anymore… I just wanna sit here and sulk… No Sandalman, I do not want to be lifted… Yea you run off too! Nobody wants to play with me… Just me on my own, with my poor little ear, in this cruel cruel world… Ooh butterfly! Chase!

Hmm lost the butterfly but ooh Sandalman’s  back! And owner’s with him! With a leash! Where we going? Is it time for a walk? Lets go for a walk!

Oh we’re Home! Hello Home I missed you! This was fun! We should do it again! Oh wait I’m forgetting something… yep Sandalman’s waving at me in the distance, looks like he had fun too! I wag my tail happily at him, enter the house and… Where are you chew toy? Its playtime!

Inspired by an afternoon encounter, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

Love for life, Love for nature

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