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“As a PANGAEA ambassador, I would like to start by spreading Mike’s message and dreams and the mission of PANGAEA. Earth is a beautiful planet and we need to conserve it in the face of climate change. I would like to show people that there is a lot we can do to help, and every bit counts. The collective effort of our work would result in incredible outcomes. I would also like to help lead the youth of Singapore in the right direction, starting from my school, Raffles Institution, as well as to get the attention and support of corporations to be more involved in environmental conservation. ”

By successfully completing the Himalaya selection camp training I am glad that I have fulfilled Mike Horn YEP program objectives. The trip up the Swiss alps has helped me appreciate nature in a whole new level. The Swiss Mountains and the Matterhorn glacier were absolutely breathtaking. I was truly spellbound by the magnificence of nature. We frequently hear people say that the experience of being at the summit of a mountain would humble you, for it shows your insignificance in relation to the sheer grandeur of nature. This is so true. Yet interestingly, I have another perspective to this. That moment at the mountain also made me realise how significant each and every one of us is in the urgent cause of conserving the environment.

The fact that we humans have caused so much harm to our environment in such a short span of a few decades, tells me just how much we can do and must do to protect our environment if we like our future generation to continue to enjoy it.

I believe that people will truly do their part for the environment when they sincerely and deeply appreciate and respect nature. And the Youth Explorers Programme, by immersing us in the beauty of nature, truly helps us to achieve this.


Our Young Explorers:

Top – Left to right

Ashwini Menon, 19, Malaysia / Alexander Groos, 20, Germany / Kai Pryce-Fitchen, 16, South Africa / Tiziana Gees, 19, Switzerland / Jye Kluske, 19, Australia / Francois Poisbeau, 20, France

Middle – Left to right: Shruti Neelakantan, 19, India  / Leonard Chua Jun Yi, 17, Singapore / Daniel Hübner, 20, Germany / Hugo Clément 17, France  / Erica Wineland-Thomson, 20, USA  / Elisa Rodrigues Alves, 17, Brazil

Bottom – Left to right: Robyn Lighton, 17, South Afirica / Iga Sobańska, 18,  Poland / Basil Tan She Jeeng, 20, Singapore / Lauren Morrell, 15, USA



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