PANGAEA Tour in Singapore

June 25, 2010 No Comments

Pangaea tour in singapore

Hey people!

The Pangaea boat is in Singapore! Basil and I were so lucky to have been able to spend time on the boat with Mike and the crew!

Since the boat is here, I took the chance to raise awareness on the YEP programme and generate publicity for the Pangaea mission, getting in touch with the media from our local newspapers and radio stations, an Eco-magazine called GaiaDiscovery, and we even got a shooting with the regional ChannelNewsAsia.

Also, I have been going to the Pangaea almost every day! I bring people to the boat, to tell them about the programme and Tristan, the French crew, tells them about the boat. Its really powerful because being on the Pangaea, they can feel and share the spirit of the Pangaea mission. Hopefully, this inspires them to tell their friends about it, and the Pangaea message will spread like wildfire!

Yep, so this is just a quick update on what I’ve been doing since my return from the amazing Himalaya Selection Camp! When school reopens in July, I hope to go around school to give talks on the programme and get more people involved!



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