News outreach attempt

December 28, 2010 No Comments

I sent this to the News Desk of Straits Times, the main newspaper of Singapore


Subject: Singaporean selected for Pangaea Borneo Project

Good day,

I am Leonard Chua, 17, currently studying in Raffles Junior College.  I was selected for the Pangaea Young Explorer’s Programme (YEP) by world-renowned adventurer Mike Horn, and am one of the first two Singaporean Pangaea Youth Ambassadors, . The YEP takes youths on expeditions to rarely-seen places in the world, teaching us about the environment and inspiring us to protect nature. Previously, I was one of the sixteen out of 3000 international youths who was fully sponsored to go to Switzerland for a training camp, and now, I have been selected to join the Pangaea Borneo Project

This project aims to set up a Pangaea Project Center in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. This will be used to grow artificial reefs to replenish the dying coral and protect the local marine ecosystem, integral to the environmental sustainability of the water. The key thrust of this project is that we wish to involve the locals and give them a stake in this Special Project, by educating them on environmental conservation. We believe that it is this group of people who live in that area who has the largest influence on the environment. Thus, these locals, when educated and inspired, are the ones most able to effect sustainable impactful change.

We hope that you will publish our story to raise awareness on our cause and aid our fundraising endeavour.

The preliminary groundwork will begin in January 2011, and the Pangaea Center will be established by end 2012. Donations would be invaluable for our acquirement of the coral growth facility (tanks, pumps etc.), establishing the Pangaea Borneo Center (buildings etc.) and logistics (e.g. boats, diving equipment, scrap metal for building artificial reefs etc.).

We believe that the strategy of our project will help us make a long term positive impact on the environment. By educating the Borneo locals, we are equipping their community with the know-how to conserve the water environment, thus initiating change from within, towards sustainable environmental behaviour. We hope that you would support us in our cause to save the Earth, starting with the Borneo waters.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me if you require further details.

Yours sincerely,

Leonard Chua


Borneo Marine Conservation Project, Mike Horn YEP

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I sent this to the News Desk of Straits Times, the main newspaper of Singapore To: Subject: Singaporean...

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