Mike Horn Pangaea YEP program

June 9, 2010 4 Comments
Hey friends
Mike Horn is calling out to youth from all over the world to apply for the YEP programme. In thisprogramme you will be trained on how to protect the environment. Selected youth will join

Mike Horn in an extraordinary expedition. Through the expedition, the youth will experience the

beauty of nature in its untouched form. If you have a strong passion for protecting the environment…

Mike Horn in Singapore

Mike Horn with Leonard Chua, Benedict Chua and friends

Head over to http://www.mikehorn.com/en/yep/young-explorers-program/ to apply.

Simply send your application form to register@mikehorn.com

YEP Expedition OPEN for application are listed below

http://www.mikehorn.com/en/yep/young-explorer-expeditions/ (For complete schedule)

YEP 6 CHINA ExpeditionVisiting the source of the over-irrigated Yellow River, Gobi Desert China August 2010
YEP 7 KAMCHATKA ExpeditionThe Arctic biodiversity, Khatanga, Siberia December 2010
YEP 8 NORTH POLE ExpeditionThe last degree to the retracting ice cap, the North Pole May 2011
YEP 9 CANADA ExpeditionDiscovering the Inuit culture and their dependence on nature, Nunavut, Canada August 2011
YEP 10 USA ExpeditionTrekking nature reserves of the mighty Colorado River, USA November 2011
YEP 11 AMAZON ExpeditionExploring the flooded and moist forests of the Amazon River basin, Brazil April 2012
YEP 12 AFRICA ExpeditionAiding developing communities, East Africa July 2012

All the best!



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4 Comments to “Mike Horn Pangaea YEP program”
  1. Agnieszka says:

    I think I need to add one thing – if you are not selected for the first time – dont give up! Keep applying and you will be finally selected! 🙂

    BTW Great blog 🙂


  2. Adeline says:

    All I can say is that kudos to Mike Horn. It’s a great vision and purpose for the YEP he has created. Its good to see youths from all around the world come together to do their part for Mother Earth. It was an amazing day visiting and be onboard Pangaea that Sat and understanding what these people do for the environment. Tough but worth the efforts.

    A pity I’m overage for this. Haha.

    Nevertheless, all the best to all those that have participated and doing their bit for the environment. Do hope to see more youths participating it such activities.

  3. Leonard Chua says:

    Thanks for your support Adeline! 🙂

  4. Leonard Chua says:

    Thanks for your support Agnieszka! 😀

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