Advocate against animal abuse

April 1, 2012 2 Comments

I would like to advocate for the protection of animals against the abuse which they undergo while they are factory-produced for our consumption.

How is this relevant to the YEP and the environment? The way we treat the environment, the way we destroy it, is driven by the same mentality that manifests in how we treat animals, the attitude that the universe revolves around us humans, that we can go to any extent to pursue our own interests, even at the expense of causing destruction and suffering to other living entities that share the planet.

As capitalism covers the globe, it also enshrouds the globe in a haze, pushing us in a haste towards a commercially driven world, one without a conscience.

From the simple and pure agriculture of the past, we now have massive farms, which operate like factories churning out animals as mere commodities, for us to consume.

Lets not even start on animal rights here. How about something even more fundamental, the basic desire intrinsic in every living creature, to live a life of minimal pain and suffering. The commoditisation of animals has rendered even this primal need, out of their reach.

From the perspective of the factory farming industry, animals are born, fed and bred for only one purpose: to be killed, sold, and consumed. Their only concern is that animals go through this cycle as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, in so doing generate the greatest profits for the company. It does not matter to them, that chickens are stuck in battery cages without room to stretch their wings all through their life. It does not matter to them, that pigs are dragged by hooks stuck into their rear-orifice to make them move faster down the “production line”. It does not matter that animals which are supposed to have a quick painless death through electrocution, end up being dipped into scalding oil while half alive, because inadequate voltage was used in order to save on costs.

I’ve seen a documentary on KFC where they make undercover footage of the happenings in the farm. It is utterly sick and cruel! (you can find out more here:

However, most people don’t bat an eyelid when buying that KFC meal. Do note that this is not against KFC. Most other food outlets, and the food we get from our supermarkets, probably have the same thing going on behind their concrete walls. They are driven by profits to cut costs at the expense of the animals.

I don’t advocate vegetarianism, I believe it may be too idealistic to expect people to undergo such a drastic diet change. I’m fine with humans depending on animals as a source of food. But I strongly believe that we can and we should treat animals in as humanely a way as possible.

I advocate for slaughterhouses to have glass windows, metaphorically meaning that the ongoings in these butcheries should be made known and accessible to all. I advocate for greater transparency in the path an animal takes before it ends up nicely packaged in our supermarket. Only when people are exposed to the harsh truths will we have enough support to stop these inhumane processes in our dealings in factory farming. Then there will be enough political will to ensure that certain standards of humanity are enforced.

Join us on and find out more!

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2 Comments to “Advocate against animal abuse”
  1. Clorissa says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I am seeking how I can make a difference. Just saw a video that made me cry, the abuse and cruelty taking place at these farms needs to stop. The beating, torture, etc- it needs to stop.

  2. Leonard Chua says:

    Hi Clorissa, thanks for your support! 🙂

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Advocate against animal abuse

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