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TODAYonline | Singapore | Across the world on a green mission

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Across the world on a green mission

First S’porean youth joins explorer Mike Horn’s Pangaea Expedition

SINGAPORE – Going to the ends of the Earth on a green mission – that's the aim of explorer Mike Horn, who initiated the Pangaea Expedition. The expedition brings environmentally conscious youth to places such as the Himalayas, Siberia and the North Pole.

And some Singaporeans are getting involved.

The Pangaea Expedition is not just about thrills and spills; it also aims to educate the young on environmental issues.

“To get the right young adult is very important. You can have young adults that don't really care for the environment but just want to come along on a holiday. So, our idea is to get together like-minded youth together from around the world,” said Mr Horn.

Two Singaporeans went to Switzerland for a selection process for one such expedition.

Mr Basil Tan, 20, who is now in Pakistan, made the cut along with seven youth from around the world. He is the first Singaporean to be selected for one of the Pangaea Expeditions.

“My friends are kind of jealous because I get to do this kind of thing. For them, if they want to do it, they need to find … financial aid,” said Mr Tan.

As part of the expedition, the youth will learn about the flora and fauna, cultures and traditions of the places they visit.

On the Himalayan trip, they will visit the Baltoro Glaciers in the Karakoram Mountain Range in Pakistan.

Apart from learning about important environmental issues, they will also participate in water, social and biodiversity projects.

Another Singaporean, Mr Leonard Chua, 17, though not chosen, has been inspired to go the extra mile.

“I’ll be going to schools and talking about Mike Horn and his cause to raise awareness … on conserving the environment,” said Mr Chua.

After the Himalayan trip, the expedition will continue with other youths to seven key areas on the planet, such as the Gobi Desert in China and the Kamchatka region in Russia.

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