My 2nd Pangaea Journey – To Borneo!

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Borneo Island Clean Up YEP Pangaea Project

Letter of Motivation to the Mike Horn Team

I am excited about the opportunity to travel to Borneo and the chance to appreciate first-hand the beauty of nature. This, together with seeing the damage wrought to the environment right before my eyes, will make me ever more motivated to make a difference and do something for the environment. It would also make me a more credible person to be an ambassador for the environment, and spread the message, raise awareness, and inspire people to protect the environment. I feel that this is very meaningful and is my way to contribute to Mother Nature.

I strongly believe that it is very important to stop climate change. It is in this generation that we have discovered that the climate is changing and therefore, it is up to us to do something about it before it is too late. Our current generation bears a heavy responsibility, to our predecessors, our future generations, and all other inhabitants of the Earth. We have what it takes to fulfill our responsibility, but it will be so wasteful, so selfish, if we instead sit back and do nothing. This program is a major step for me to do something, and I sincerely hope, that with it, I will be able to inspire many others to do something as well.

Borneo Island Clean Up 2nd YEP Pangaea Project

Being a staff of the Pangaea is my once in a lifetime chance to be a sailor. A sailor is more than just another occupation, it is symbolic of so much more. Sailing the seven seas, living freely on a boat, in the middle of the vast ocean, basking in the sunset and salty breeze, that is absolute freedom. This is something I deeply desire, having been cooped up in this stifling concrete jungle that is my modern society. Thus, this Borneo project allows me to truly be one with nature, to dive into another world, and appreciate the very thing I am trying to conserve, the environment.

I am inspired and convinced by what the Borneo Pangaea centers will stand for. It is highly critical that Pangaea takes on the role of guardian of the corals and marine life in this part of the world, for the governments here lack both the expertise and political will to do so. Furthermore, this region is a hotbed for a huge variety of important animal species, and these amazing entities cannot be left alone and harmed by human activity. Lastly, the education and outreach efforts are highly impactful and meaningful. This is the only sustainable way to change the mindsets of the people and cultivate an environmentally friendly culture.

Having participated in the 5th Pangaea Selection Camp, I am full of admiration for the Young Explorers Programme. It is truly what it was claimed to be, a learning opportunity of a lifetime. I have learnt much about the environment, people, relationships, and most importantly, I understand myself much better. Hence, I am fully confident that this project, like the camp, will help me in my holistic development to be a better person. As with all learning, mistakes have to be made, and I am no exception. I let the stress of having to cope with missing school get the better of me, and was not able to fully forget about my schoolwork when I was in Switzerland. This hampered my performance and I was unable to do my very best, for which I am most regretful and hungering for a second chance. This project is hence a godsend, an opportunity to right my previous wrongs, and to fulfill the expectations the Mike Horn Team has of me.

Taking part in this project is of utmost importance to me. I believe that it is my duty to serve the Pangaea mission after the wonderful experience I have been provided with. Participation in this project is necessary for me to see through my commitment to Mike Horn and the team. In fact, I am willing to work doubly hard this holiday to compensate for my missing ten days of school in order to get my school’s approval for the project,  for I regard this as something as important as my final year national exams.

This is my motivation for so fervently wanting to be involved in the Borneo Project. I look forward to your favorable reply

Yours sincerely,
Leonard Chua

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